Startup Project: KubiRub

Company(Team): Teching LTD

Start time: 01/08/2018


KubiRub Mobile game provides people to play traditional Rubik’s Cube virtual version, as well as the fact that the sides of Rubik’s Cube is the logo of the companies rather than colors. As each side of the cube is the logo of the company, players will recieve a gift or discount coupon from the same company when they collect even just one side of the Rubik’s Cube. The companies will be able to manage all information about coupons, their activity status, sale strategies of the company’s mobile gaming platform, brand or product promotion. This is the product of Teching LLC. “Kubirub Company Service” is a service application of Kubirub mobile game for companies created by Teching LLC. By using this app, companies will be able to look at their accounts and products in the advertising base after registering their company on the website.